Online masterclass: Learning in networks

People do not only learn in the class room or at school. They also learn from the people around them, members of their social network who they ‘use’ when they have a specific learning need. From 7 till 14 March 2012 the theme of the online masterclass is learning in networks. The language of the masterclass is Dutch.

Prof. dr. Peter Sloep, programme leader of the  Learning Networks programme of the Open Universiteit, gives the masterclass. He will go into 

  • the position of this form of learning in the landscape of learning and teaching
  • the target groups for which networked learning is eminently suited
  • the ways in which networked learners can be supported  (this subject touches the theme of an earlier masterclass on the role of online communities)
  • Apart from the scientific insights on networked learning, the masterclass will also pose the question: How to use networked learning in your own educational situation or for your own learning? 

Twee live sessies

Participants  can follow the masterclass online on a  pc. It starts Monday 7 March with the opening of a forum for discussion with the expert and studying the information sources. Friday  9 March from 15.00 to 16.00 hours the live session with the expert takes place. Tuesday 13 March a second live session takes place. During this session scientific papers are presented. The discussion and chat on the forum continue till the end of the masterclass on Friday 14 Marche 18.00 hours.OpenU

The masterclass forms part of a series of online masterclasses on educational and learning sciences that the Open Universiteit organises on OpenU. The masterclasses take place every three weeks. For the time being participations free of charge.

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