Test yourself to improve your grades

a miniconference on the testing effect takes place in Eindhoven. The title of the conference is ‘Test jezelf en haal een hoger cijfer: Over de rol van het geheugen bij effectief leren’ (Test yourself to improve your grades. On the role of the memory in effective learning). 

The miniconference is organized by the MSc Learning Sciences for students learning sciences, educational researchers and educational designers.  The language of the meeting is Dutch.

Learn more effectively 

The workings of our memory is decisive for choosing and developing effective learning strategies. Research shows that if you retrieve information from your memory, as you do when making a test, it ensures that in the long term you remember this information better than the information you only have studied. This is what is called the ‘testing effect’. For educational practice this means that tests shouldn’t be used just as an assessment tool, but also as a learning strategy. 

Memory and educational practice

The aim of this miniconference is to introduce participants to the different insights the literature on memory has to offer and their application in education. The participants are made to look critically to the translation of memory principles into educational practice. For this miniconference the MSc programma Learning Sciences collaborates with the research group Cognition and Learning of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.


The conference takes place in study centre Eindhoven of the Open Universiteit on 9 March 2012. The day starts at 10.00 hours and at 16.15 hours. 

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