Using Games for Education in Research Methods (CHERMUG)

Together with 4 university partners and of one of UK’s leading game companies the Open Universiteit (CELSTEC) participates in the CHERMUG project which aims to develop a game to support students developing an understanding of research methods and statistics. The target audience is bachelor students nursing and social sciences. The kick-off meeting took place on 30 -31 January 2012 in Glasgow.  

CHERMUG project

Nowadays logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are key competences in developing a more sophisticated understanding of the world and the difficult  problems we face in the 21st century. The CHERMUG project goes very well with the EU 2020 strategy “New skills for new jobs” and the general priorities of LLP (Lifelong Learning Programme) that funds the CHERMUG project. The LLP programme aims to promote acquiring key competences during education. 

Using games to teach methods and statistics fits with the acquisition of:

  • Mathematical and basic competences in science and technology
  • Digital competences
  • Learning to learn.

The Workplan and the expected output

CHERMUG is a two year project. The first year will start with the design based on a stakeholder and user requirements analysis, and a cognitive task analysis of methods and statistics in the domain of nursing and will end with the development of the game. The second year will focus on the evaluation of the game including supportive measures such as teacher training. Moreover, exploitation opportunities will be investigated.

The project will deliver a website with for registered members access to:

  • a game with which students can develop among other things an understanding of how to formulate hypothesis, select suitable methods of data analysis, identify relevant ethical issues, and interpret and discus the findings;
  • teacher training materials including best practice guides.

The game and the supporting materials will be available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Finnish, French and German.


The project partners in the CHERMUG project are:

If you are interested to keep informed and/or if you are interested in supporting the implementation of the project e.g. by participating in the evaluation, please contact Peter van Rosmalen. We will inform you as soon as the project website is available and/or when we start to recruit participants to support the evaluation.

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